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Grip Type



1 Inches


Barbell - 5 Feet

Dumbbell Rod Length - 14 Inches


About this item

  • Heavy Duty Construction –Rentwala barbells rod bar is built to facilitate efficient weightlifting; this barbell rod is made with a high-quality iron with a chrome finish that combines superior functionality and practical design for enhanced durability. Its deep threads ensure secure fastening of Gym plates. Features diamond knurled hand-grips for a no-slip grip.

  • Versatile - Great addition to your weights room; Perfect iron weights and length for learning various lifts; Excellent choice for home gym user. A nice lifting bar for arm exercises such as curls, biceps/tricep extensions, wrist curls, etc and practice overhead, wide grip, movements, like the snatch. Excellent choice for Home Gym Products users as well as for professional gyms.

  • Compatibility – This 4 feet gym bar rod is designed to be compatible with standard 1-inch weight plates without collapsing; this bicep barbell secures weight plates effectively with its threaded posts and spin lock collars for an efficient workout. 

  • Benefits: Home Workout Equipment Biceps rod helps to build and engage muscles in your arms, shoulders, back. Straight bar improves productivity and endurance while boosting metabolism from the energy. Perform a total body workout at the convenience of your own home. Workouts such as squats, deadlifts, rows, bench presses, etc.

  • Safety: You can forget about unstable plates when training! This bicep bar features threaded spinlock collars that attach firmly onto its end to secure free weights and prevent them from moving when you exercise. 

  • Dimensions -Weightlifting Bicep Barbell Rod Length - 153 cm (4 feet). Package Contents 1 Weight lifting Rod and 2 Safety Barbell Locks.


  • Monthly Rental rates when opted for


    Total 1


    Total 2


    Total 3




    Barbell 5 Feet


    ₹200  x  2

    ₹180  x  3 ₹300

    Dumbbell Rod

    ₹180 ₹160  x  2 ₹140  x  3 ₹300


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